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@#! Beginner’s Dominatrix Kit

The Beginner's Dominatrix helps you look the part of the commanding domme. Intimidate your partner behind the soft face mask, slide on the fishnet stockings before donning your favorite pair of heels, and use the mini crop to bring him to his knees. A great BDSM kit for those just venturing into kinky play. Color: Black Type: BDSM Kit Costume Material: Fabric, Nylon Kit Includes: Fishnet Stockings, Mini Crop, Eye Mask.
@#! Lip Shit Lip Balm @#! @#! The Best Pocket Pussy – So We’ve Heard @#! The Perfect Position Pillow – Great Sex Made Easy @#! Gay Pheromone Spray – Attracts Men to Men @#! Lube Shooter – Squirts Lube into Tight Spaces @#! The Virgin Pussy Pocket Pal @#! Candy Bra @#! Vagacare – A Set of Vaginal Weights for Kegel Exercises @#! A Vibrating Vaginal Pump @#! Rear Entry Anal Lube @#! A Shampoo that Kills Pubic Crabs @#! Reusable Cloth Menstrual Pads @#! Diva Cup – A Great / Strange Alternative to Tampons and Pads @#! Poeme Body Chocolate – Tasty and Romantic @#! Uberlube – The Best Feeling Silicone Lubricant @#! The Tuggie Cock Sock @#! Universal Douche System for Women @#! Universal Douche System for Him @#! Our Most Powerful Women’s Arousal Gel @#! Go Away Gray – Pills That Might Prevent Gray Hair @#! Bump Fighter Razors – 4 Pack @#! Tight Man Brand Anal Tightening Gel @#! Clean Stream Bag Enema – 2 Quarts @#! CleanStream Enema Tip Kit @#! Feather Riding Crop – Tickle & Spank @#! Kama Sutra Body Chocolate – Dark Chocolate Raspberry @#! A Massager That Feels as Good on Your Neck as It Does on Your Crotch @#! Pelvic Floor Locator – Helps You Locate and Exercise Your Pelvic Floor @#! Cum D’Licious – Makes Your Semen Taste Better @#! Ready or Not Mask – Let’s You Know If Your Lover Is In the Mood @#! Anti-bacterial Adult Toy Cleaner @#! Flirt – Kinky Pink Cuffs @#! Hey Fifty Shades of Grey Fans! Get Your Ben Wa Balls Here @#! Increase Testosterone with On Cream @#! Labia Bleaching Cream @#! A Dildo That Squirts @#! Gentle Rectal Thermometer @#! Increase Sensation and Girth with this Penis Extension @#! A Deep Penetrating Enema

@#! 101 Advanced Sexual Positions DVD

This explicit guide for lovers graphically shows over 100 positions that will bring renewed energy and excitement into your sex life. Learn about a variety of sexual devices to ease the physical exertion of prolonged sex, and about foreplay, massage, oral sex, and sex toys. Attractive real-life couples demonstrate how they reach incredible orgasms by experimenting with a variety of sexual positions using the Liberator pillows, the Love Swing, the Tantra Chair and the versatile Bonker sex system. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran, this fantastic assortment of positions and ideas will take your sexuality to the next level! Loving Sex series ranked Best by Men's Health Magazine Includes 2 Bonus Scenes Features optional Spanish, French and German audio and menus Great gift for loving couples!
@#! Explode Again and Again with the Grenade Stroker @#! Get Fit and Get Off with the Vibrating Sex Ball @#! The Fantasy Bondage Web – Have Sex Like Spiderman @#! The Fangbanger – A Vibrating Cock Ring for Vampires @#! Erection Cream Endorsed By A SheMale @#! Cookie Dough Edible Lube @#! The Ass Master – The World’s Biggest Butt Plug @#! Wank Wax – Wax That You Use To Masturbate @#! VerSpanken – The Male Masturbator That Looks Like Steven Tyler’s Lips @#! Turtle Bullet Vibrator @#! Trail of Roses – Rose Petals for Romance @#! The Thorn Bird Vibrator @#! Swell Guy Anal Expander – A Drug Mule Training Device @#! The Stinger – The World’s First Butt Crack Vibrator @#! Your Favorite Arthropod Is Now a Cock Ring @#! Pussy Power Pads @#! An Inexpensive Yet Functional Penis Pump @#! Bad Teacher Ruler – For Spankings @#! Anal Douche Enema Bulb @#! The Adonis Pouch Is A Vibrator for Your Balls @#! A Dildo That Looks Like an Ear of Corn @#! Clean Stream Enema Cleaning Solution @#! Cruise for a Bruise with the Brass Knuckles Vibrator @#! Blow Up Barack – The Presidential Love Doll @#! 100 Orgasms Vibrator @#! What’s Scarier Than A Jason Mask? This Jason Mask! @#! The Fist of Fury – For Couples With Fist-Orifice Incompatibility Issues @#! The Finger Up The Bum Kit @#! The Arousal Cobra Vibe – Looks Like A Bomb Pop @#! Me So Horny Cream – Combines Racism With Lying @#! It’s The Heeldo A Strap On Harness For Your Foot @#! A Gallon Bucket of Elbow Grease Lube @#! Eager Beaver Vibrator @#! Docking Is The Future of Gay Sex @#! Make a Replica of Your Vulva With Clone-A-Pussy @#! A Vibrator That Gets Bigger … And Bigger … And … @#! The Doctor Love Vibrator @#! Go Down the Rabbit Hole with the Kinky Cat Vibrator @#! Fantasy Football Stroker @#! You’re Not Obsessive You’re Compulsively Awesome – Wet Wipes @#! Become a Sex Robot with This Vibrator @#! Bitch Slap Those Germs! – Liquid Hand Soap @#! Cheese Cutter Lavatory Mist – For Those Who Cut the Finest Cheese @#! Maybe You Touched Your Genitals Hand Sanitizer @#! Wait Was that Slutty? Hand Sanitizer @#! Vinnie’s Tampon Case – You Can Use It Too @#! The Blow Job Bank – Save Up for Your Next BJ @#! Supermodel Meal in a Box @#! Look and Feel Canadian Instantly with this Breath Spray @#! A Heated Pocket Pussy – For Those Cold Lonely Nights

@#! Anne Hooper’s Kama Sutra

Anne Hooper's Kama Sutra updates and reinterprets the 2,000 year-old sexual text in a fully illustrated guide that features specially commissioned photographs and information on ways to enrich and diversify one's sex life. In this classic volume of sexual learning, Anne Hooper brings together the best of the eastern sexual teaching, the Kama Sutra, the Ananga Ranga, The Perfumed Garden, and The Tao to create a new classic that encourages an emphasis on pressure points, manners, artistic freedom, and most of all finding and pursuing a loving sexual relationship. She discourages the focus from accomplishing distorted poses—in actuality, they are advanced yoga positions—and instead has discovered the true spirit of these ancient teachings and applied the teachings to contemporary lovemaking. Hardcover. 160 pages.
@#! Swipes Lovin Wipes @#! Vajazzling Gemstones – Vajazzle Yourself at Home! @#! Lip Plumper That Tastes Like Red Velvet Cake @#! The Cock Sling @#! Stiff One Erection Pills – 6 @#! Golden Girl Anal Jelly @#! 2 qt. Open-Top Enema Bag – Tan @#! A Big White Enema Syringe – 10 oz. @#! Lube That Is Safe for Baby Making @#! Wahl Body Hair Trimmer And Shaver @#! Kama Sutra – Massage Therapy Set @#! Butt Pirate – A Strawberry Scented Anal Douche @#! Butt Pirate – A Vanilla Scented Anal Douche @#! StreemMaster Mini Anal Douche @#! Castile Soap – 50 single-use packets @#! The Raspberry Treasure Trove @#! Turbo Suck Men’s Masturbator @#! Fundies – Underwear for Two @#! Make Your Man Vibrate With This Vibrating Penis Ring @#! ManDelay is FDA Approved For Premature Ejaculation @#! Regain Clamp – To Control Urine Dribble @#! Immortalize Your Penis with the Clone A Willy Kit @#! In Line Bulb Enema Syringe @#! A Urethral Vibrator. Yes It Goes In Your Pee Hole. @#! 1 Gallon Silicone Enema Bag Set @#! Silicone Enema Anal Catheter @#! Clean Stream Shower Enema Set @#! Clean Stream Disposable Enema @#! Penetration Station @#! The Mini Whopper – The World’s Smallest Dildo – 4 Inches @#! Zip Wax – Hair Remover – 7 oz. Block – For Legs Arms Anywhere @#! Pornkins Pumpkin Carving Kit – Carve Sex Scenes Into Pumpkins! @#! Massage Your Way to Terrific Ta-Tas with the Bust Roller @#! Generic Minoxidil For Women – 3 Month Supply @#! Sasha Grey’s Pocket Pussy Costs A Little More @#! Medical Messenger Bag – Great for Enema Equipment @#! Hand Shit Hand Cream @#! The Governor – An 8 Pound Steel Fist Butt Plug @#! Erection Assist Strap-On – For ED Sufferers @#! Deluxe Enema Bulb @#! The World’s Gayest Enema @#! Man Butt Masturbator – For Gay Men @#! CleanStream Enema Bulb @#! 1 Gallon Black Enema Bag Set @#! Nuts and Bolts Cock Ring @#! We Need To Talk About the Vibrating Elephant in the Room @#! Lock Him Up with the Male Chastity Device @#! Lube That Looks Like AntiFreeze @#! Lube For Your Nuts That Tastes Like Nuts @#! Kick that Ass without Lifting a Single Foot

@#! Attends Briefs – Maximum Absorbency – L – 72

Designed for maximum comfort dryness and secure protection with soft non-woven top sheet six refastenable tape tabs and stretchable waistband. Features unique Perma-Dry technology that actually lowers the pH of urine for ultimate skin wellness, dryness and odor control. Packaged in discreet outer cases. Attends extra absorbency diaper with three tabs on each side and an elastic waistband in front and back. Features soft-nonwoven topsheet, wetness indicator and lycra leg gathers. Briefs have white color poly backsheet for added discretion during wear. Fits Waists 45 to 58 inches, Absorbency: 19 oz. 72 briefs. ShopInPrivate.com is offering a clearance on all adult diapers while they last. We used to sell a large selection of Attends and Depend, but due to the nature of the product and shipping costs, we have chosen to stop selling adult diapers. We are offering all our diapers and adult underwear at deep discounts until we clear out our warehouse.
@#! Hot Rawks Healthy Aphrodisiac Pills @#! Sex Fifth Avenue – Peppermint @#! Personal Lubricant that Glows in the Dark @#! The World’s Biggest Dildo – 14.5 Inches! @#! Enlarge Your Penis With This Hydraulic Penis Pump @#! Dr. Tichenor’s Antiseptic Mouthwash @#! Lure for Her – Pheromone Perfume @#! Vibrating Panties – Your Little Secret @#! Manties – Men’s Lace Panties @#! The Best Arousal Pill for Women @#! Jerk Off With This Discreet Disposable Stroker @#! ID Juicy Lube Edible Lubricant – Click For Varieties @#! Endow – A Deluxe Vacuum Penis Pump @#! Bootiful – Butt Enhancement Cream @#! Electric Enema Kit – Pumps Water In @#! Wet Original Lube – 3.5 oz @#! Vivarin – Caffeine Pills – 40 Tablets @#! Conti Castile Soap – Mild And Gentle @#! Edible Underwear for Her – One Undie – Strawberry Chocolate @#! Jenna Jameson’s Pubic Trimmer @#! Vulcanite Anal Douche @#! Water Bottle Douche Kit @#! This Very Very Small Vibrator is Great for Beginners @#! Massage Seductions Game – With Massage Candle @#! Frisky Frog Wearable Vibrator @#! Finulite Cellulite Treatment – AM & PM @#! A Vibrator That’s Made Out of Ice (Ice Baby) @#! Edible Underwear for Him – Tastes Like Your Worst Nightmare @#! The Rabbit Habit Vibrator @#! Fire In The Hole Anal Itch Spray @#! Smart Bikini Color – Pubic Hair Dye @#! Certain Dri Anti-Perspirant – For Profuse Sweating @#! Durex Performax Condoms Control Premature Ejaculation – 12 @#! Nympho’s Desire Arousal Balm @#! The Crystal Dildo – Large and Pretty @#! Lure for Him – Pheromone Cologne @#! Intimate Dares Game @#! Sexplosion – A Scented Bath Bomb Filled With Sexy Suggestions @#! Max Attract Pheromone Cologne @#! ID Fruitopia Edible Lubricant – Mango @#! The World’s Largest Vibrator – It’s Ginormous @#! Make Oral Sex Easier with the Comfortably Numb Collection @#! Oral Sex Essentials Kit @#! The Rock Box – An Orgasm Machine – Our Most Powerful Vibrator @#! Simply Sensual Pheromone Body Oil @#! Simply Sensual Pheromone Conditioner @#! Simply Sensual Pheromone Shampoo @#! Black Tenga Flip Hole @#! The Vulva Puppet (Yup You Read That Correctly.) @#! Kama Sutra Body Chocolate – Caramel Body Paint

@#! Depend Briefs – Maximum Absorbency – S/M – 80

Depend Briefs are designed with six tabs for discreet open changing. This absorbent garment has additional side leakage protection built-in. Maximum Absorbency. Size S/M, fits 19-34 inch waist, 26-41 inch hips and under 170 pounds. 2 ways to change: step-in & pull-up OR easy change with secure closures Maximum absorbency captures and locks in odor Quiet and comfortable Made in the USA from domestic and imported materials ShopInPrivate.com is offering a clearance on all adult diapers while they last. We used to sell a large selection of Attends and Depend, but due to the nature of the product and shipping costs, we have chosen to stop selling adult diapers. We are offering all our diapers and adult underwear at deep discounts until we clear out our warehouse.
@#! Depend Briefs – Maximum Absorbency – L – 64 @#! Depend Briefs – Maximum Absorbency – S/M – 80 @#! Depend Underwear for Women – Extra Absorbency – S/M – 80 @#! Depend Underwear for Women – Super Plus Absorbency – L – 64 @#! Depend Underwear for Women – Super Plus Absorbency – S/M – 72 @#! Depend Underwear for Women – Super Plus Absorbency – XL – 56 @#! Attends Briefs – Maximum Absorbency – L – 72 @#! Attends Briefs – Extra Absorbent – L – 36 @#! Anne Hooper’s Kama Sutra @#! 101 Advanced Sexual Positions DVD @#! Beginner’s Dominatrix Kit @#! The Idiot’s Guide to Oral Sex @#! Tera Patrick Ultimate Love Doll @#! Supercharged Kama Sutra @#! Sextasy – A Guide To Tantric Sex @#! Penthouse Unleashed: Sex Tips @#! Letters to Penthouse XXI @#! Fetish Bound to Please Lover’s Chastity Kit @#! Dr. Sprinkles Spectacular Sex @#! Attends Breathable Briefs – M – 96 @#! Images You Should Not Masturbate To @#! Naked Girls Smoking Weed @#! Fifty Shades of Chicken @#! 30 Ways to Show Your Gal You Love Her @#! Coochy After Shave Protection Mist @#! Evacugen Gentle Laxative – 80 Tablets @#! Honey Dust – Kama Sutra Honey Dust – 8 oz. @#! Magnum XL Extra Large Condoms – Our Largest Condoms – 12 @#! The World’s Cheapest Face Lift @#! VCF – Vaginal Contraceptive Film – 9 Pack @#! Enemeez – Mini Enemas – When You Cannot Evacuate On Your Own @#! Melt – Chocolate Body Frosting – The Best! @#! Nassty Dick Extender @#! Manties – Men’s Lace Panties – Size XL @#! Fellas Flavored Crotch Wipes – 8 @#! Divine 9 Lube – Soothing and Natural @#! Skinsation Sex Machine @#! Shock Therapy Electro-Stim Gloves @#! Pandora’s Box Sex Machine @#! Pandora’s Box Pussy Attachment @#! Fresher – Deodorant for Your Lady Bits @#! FresHim – Deodorant for Your Dong @#! Vibrating Panty Alarm Clock @#! Evi Sex Toy – Exercise Your Way to Orgasm! @#! Wet Fun Flavors – Seductive Strawberry – The Best Edible Lube @#! Coochy Shave Cream – For Shaving @#! Disposable Enema Bag Set @#! Deep Throat Oral Desensitizer Spray @#! Give a Naked Massage with Nuru Massage Gel @#! Heads Up – Sexual Enhancer for Men